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DRM = "Dishonestly Released Media"

Ubisoft, the makers of the Rainbow Six series of games, recently released a patch for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 which broke the game for some customers. After the patch, customers who had purchased the game via the Steam service were subjected to a "disc check" when they tried to play the game.

This is a problem, because when you buy a game via Steam, you don't have a freaking disc.

So what was Ubisoft's response? They officially distributed a copy of a warez group's no-DVD hack. See where "RELOADED" is underlined, in the image of the hex-edit to the right? That's the name of the warez group.

Now, it's "mildly embarassing" that Ubisoft resorted to using a warez group's hack to fix their own DRM problems here. But the really important thing to take away from this is that they stole code... to fix an issue caused by their draconian efforts to, you guessed it, keep people from stealing their code.

This DRM bullshit's gotta go.

Tags: alpha geek, digital rights management

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