March 23rd, 2003

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09:18 pm - apres-party shout-outs
herbaliser's party last night kicked ass. billyfleetwood, lisa, motel666, and a whole raft of other cool people both LJ and non-LJ were there. It was also pretty cool meeting Julian, of SpamCop fame. Somehow I managed to miss out on most of the skankaliciousness making the rounds, but I had fun anyway - plenty of good conversations, some lighthearted flirting. It's all good.

It was also mildly surprising having a few people who I'd never heard of identifying me on sight as "Jimbo Jones" with no need for introduction. Yay for minor internet celebrity? =)

Note to self: in future, do not audibly identify attractive girls you have heard about, but just met in person for the first time, as "oh yeah, you're that chick that wouldn't sleep with that guy!"

Current Mood: mildly cracked out but happy
Current Music: J-Live - Vampire Hunter

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