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apres-party shout-outs

herbaliser's party last night kicked ass. billyfleetwood, lisa, motel666, and a whole raft of other cool people both LJ and non-LJ were there. It was also pretty cool meeting Julian, of SpamCop fame. Somehow I managed to miss out on most of the skankaliciousness making the rounds, but I had fun anyway - plenty of good conversations, some lighthearted flirting. It's all good.

It was also mildly surprising having a few people who I'd never heard of identifying me on sight as "Jimbo Jones" with no need for introduction. Yay for minor internet celebrity? =)

Note to self: in future, do not audibly identify attractive girls you have heard about, but just met in person for the first time, as "oh yeah, you're that chick that wouldn't sleep with that guy!"

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