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data retention

So I was preparing for an operating system reload today, and decided that since I no longer use Windows, there's no reason to maintain the rather large set of install files for Windows software that I used to keep onhand. Going and getting rid of that led me to tooling around some REALLY seldomly travelled areas, which was kinda cool - trip down WAAAYYY back memory lane. Interestingly, Ubuntu plays the old Amiga MOD files - 4-track compositions sort of like MIDIs, except using digital samples (like WAVs) embedded into the file itself - right out of the box, so I could listen to the music I thought was amazingly rich and high-tech in the old MS-DOS days. Heh.

And on the serious electronic archaeology tip, I found this:

Note the "Modified" timestamp - I've had that file in live storage without a break for more than TWENTY YEARS.

Can anybody else top that? =)

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