Zen Bastard (jimbojones) wrote,
Zen Bastard

I am so sick of hearing about Obama's "lack of experience"

In the interests of having a quick reference for all the people who keep yammering about Obama's "lack of experience" (and also in the interest of pissing off jeepgeek, who it appears is my old friend Philbin), here's a quick rundown:

Barack ObamaSarah Palin
  • BA in Political Science with a specialization in international relations, from Columbia
  • JD in law from Harvard, magna cum laude
  • BS in communications-journalism, U of Idaho (by way of several community colleges)

Work / Political Experience:

  • 12 years teaching Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law School
  • 11 years active practice at a law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and economic development
  • 7 years Illinois (pop 12,852,548) State Senate
  • 4 years United States (pop 305,182,000) Senate
  • ranked by congress.org as 11th most powerful US Senator
  • 4 years Wasilla, AK (pop 6,300) City Council
  • 6 years Mayor of Wasilla, AK (pop 6,300)
  • 2 years Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • 2 years co-director of "Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc." - a group "designed to provide training for republican women in Alaska"
  • 2 years governor of Alaska (pop 683,478)

So, uh... "lack of experience" anyone? 12 years Constitutional Law professor at one of the most renowned law schools in the country + 11 years of serving populations in the tens to hundreds of millions, vs... uh... 10 years serving a population smaller than the capacity of most high school football stadiums + 2 years serving a population smaller than most major (or even not-so-major) metropolitan areas?

"But I like numbers!" you say. "Give me simple numbers!" Well, okay. If you multiply (years of service) * (millions of citizens served), you get "mega-citizen-service-years". Nifty. Barack Obama has accumulated 1,310.7 MCSY over 11 years of service, vs. Sarah Palin's 1.4 MCSY over 12 years of service.


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