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It's not enough that we propagandize our OWN citizens...

The U.S. ambassador to Canada let fly at the Canadian government Tuesday, complaining about its lack of support for the Iraq war and its failure to discipline Liberals who criticize the U.S. ... he said Ottawa "could do a better job" at controlling Liberals, like Natural Resources Minister Herb Dhaliwal, who said last week that U.S. President George Bush lacks statesmanlike qualities.

So forget our OWN free speech for a moment, even our NEIGHBORING ALLIES aren't allowed to speak their own political opinion inside their own borders? They're supposed to "control their liberals" so as to make sure that they don't voice any possible question of our policies?

Incidentally, there's also a very good piece on CBC concerning the political opinion of US invasion in Iraq from Iraq's neighboring countries here. I'd sure as hell feel a lot better if that kind of information was being delivered by our OWN media - I'm glad that I have the internet so that I CAN find things like that when I need to from other countries' media, but it disturbs the hell out of me that our own mainstream media machine is so biased and politically controlled that it won't run similar pieces itself.

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