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my blood is fucking boiling right now.

If you don't want your blood boiling as well, don't click this link.

Short version: in Galveston, TX, a 12 year old female honor student goes outside, in her own family's yard, to flip a breaker. An unmarked blue van screeches up, three men in civilian clothes boil out, say "you're a prostitute, you're coming with us," and grab her and try to muscle her into the van. The girl grabs onto a tree for dear life and starts screaming "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" and the men beat her repeatedly about the head, neck, and back with a flashlight.

When the parents rush out, their puppy gets out with them, and - unsurprisingly - attaches himself to one man's leg. The man threatens to shoot the puppy.

Three weeks later, the 12 year old girl is arrested at school, at ten AM, for assaulting a peace officer.

As if all of this weren't bad enough already, the van - which was a narcotics dept van in Galveston, TX - was responding to a call of "three white prostitutes soliciting a white man and a black [man] drug dealer." Dymond - the 12 year old girl they attempted to abduct from her own family's yard - is black.

The case sounds pretty unbelievable; you might be inclined to think it's another Tawana Brawley style racially-motivated hoax. But the family is being represented by the same Anthony Griffin who represented a Klan member pro bono on behalf of the ACLU (and was expelled from the NAACP for it)... so, uh, I'm gonna have to say "probably not".

This would make my blood boil on any day of my life, but given that I've got a daughter of my own due in March... I just can't fucking stop thinking about it.

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