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In happier news...

In happier news, Janis and I are doing great. The baby is apparently destined to be a soccer star; according to Janis' pregnancy books, 3 weeks from now "the father may be able to feel the baby kick". Shit. I've been able to feel that baby kick for two weeks ALREADY. You don't exactly have to concentrate on it! Last night, I had my arm draped over Janis' ribs and I felt it when the baby kicked. "Go, Little Pele!"

We're doing pretty well with the accumulating baby stuff, too. We've got a crib, glider chair with ottoman (for breastfeeding), a play mat, a swing, and a walker now... also, Baby's First Book. We were looking around in the Babies R Us the other night waiting for Chris and Karen to be ready for Chris' birthday dinner, and I picked up a "go to sleep story" kind of book. The illustrations were really cute, the story was rhyme-y and simple in a Dr.-Seuss-but-not-so-trippy kind of way, and I could totally see being willing to read it night after night after night for a few years. I figured all that added up to "better go ahead and buy this now", so I did.

All that stuff? About $100. The book was about $10 new, the crib was free from Janis' sister, and we got the rest of the stuff for $90 off of Craigslist. How freaking awesome is that?

Still don't have a carseat, but we've got three more months to handle it.

Also, my mom and my stepdad are coming for a week, starting a few days after the birth, to help out with the baby, which Janis and I are both thrilled about. Possibly even more thrilled about than Scott is thrilled about being a grand-dad... but then again, possibly not. =)

We'll keep you posted.

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