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Some things, I just don't get

Wtf is up with all these girls bitchin' about how their man won't have sex with them? Or more accurately, what's up with their men, I guess. I'll admit it - at the ripe old age of 31, my libido has decreased slightly... to the point where it doesn't drive me CONSTANTLY FUCKING INSANE wanting sex, at least. But certainly not to the point that I can imagine AVOIDING sex with someone I genuinely like.

Assuming that I actually like the person on the other end of the equation, I have three sexual conditions:

  2. Okay, I'm not in the mood at the moment, but with a little snuggling-with-malice-aforethought first... awwwww, yeah. C'mere.
  3. Jesus CHRIST woman this is the fifth time TODAY, are you trying to KILL ME?
I pretty much have to accept the evidence of my own eyes, which tells me that the vast majority of people (of EITHER gender) start losing interest in the sexual end of any given relationship once it gets past a certain stage. But I sure as hell don't grok it, baby.

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