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Baby's First Modeling Gig

OK, OK, so we were paid in merchandise and it's just for this chick's Etsy store... but hey, there was a professional photographer shooting it.

This one is by far my favorite... Jane kicking it Roaring Twenties style with a crazy giant-flower-adorned lace knit headband. I suspect we are going to be seeing that expression A LOT. In Janis' words, "that's the Daddy look."

Can a father be permitted a bit of a facepalm? I'd hoped not to see anything like this for at LEAST 15 years or so...

The front view of the same item. In the words of its maker: "The waist is a drawstring so is completely adjustable. Its shown on a 2 month old who weighs approximately 15 lbs, so pretty much at its maximum "stretch" capacity :)" Jane is a BIG baby. I love that.

pics are clickable, if you want to see them in their original ginormous glory.
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