June 24th, 2003


The Nashville New TNN Spike Network For Men

I've been endlessly amused at how what started out as The Channel For Hillbillies - excuse me, The Nashville Network - has reinvented itself more often than that one bar in the really bad location that changes owners, and names, every three months. (I don't care where you live, you have one of those bars. Yeah, that one - the one with the garishly painted cinderblock walls, that looks like it was probably a gas station 20 years ago? Yeah, there you go, that one.)

So in the past couple of years, since they discovered that an exclusive diet of NASCAR and Hee-Haw didn't work, they tried just being TNN and adding, uh... Baywatch and stuff... and then more recently, being "the new TNN", which apparently wasn't really much different from "TNN" but did include a clever series of commercials featuring a fictional and charismatically moronic 20-something spokes-intern named "Jesse." Apparently the promos were the only thing that generated public interest, because now they want to be "SpikeTV", "the first cable network for men."

Point? Well, I sorta just figured this would mean the standard kung fu, fake tits, and (also usually fake) fast cars. But apparently, they were also asking for an email campaign (which I'd ignored), and got over 6,000 emails a day in response... and the first one they posted in the little video montage in today's spot was one saying "personally, I'd love to see a load of anime."

Interesting... but it would have been way cooler if it had said "personally, I'd love to see a load of hentai... and when I say 'load', you know what I'm talkin' about, boyeee!"
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