July 5th, 2003


I am sad, and I am angry.

Last month, Alan Eldridge, one of the core committers of FreeBSD and KDE, took his own life. He had been unable to get a job in nearly a year, which inevitably led to monetary difficulties, which certainly had to have contributed to the mental state necessary to wind up taking your own life.

I am sad that a brilliant programmer and a valued member of the FreeBSD core committee is gone.

I am angry, incredibly fucking angry, that our industry has gotten so ridiculously bogged down with idiotic HR departments and clueless directors that A CORE FREEBSD COMMITTER could not get a job for nearly a year, while everywhere, total fucking wastes of skin with the right combination of meaningless certifications and meaningless degrees and meaningless job titles on their resume sail parasitically right on along, "building a career" that has more to do with possessing the right collection of pieces of paper than it does with amassing the actual skills to actually do useful things.

I want to go on a rampage like something out of Fight Club, but I don't want to take out the credit bureaus - I want to throw a grenade* in every HR department out there. I want to fucking choke* every worthless-ass "manager" and "director" and "department VP" out there that has no idea what the hell his people actually do, or even any real desire to see the work itself get done beyond whatever makes his "managing record" seem to shine.

I want to see the world go back to the days where people got hired for ability - and even for potential ability. When jobs not only had "training periods" lasting a few weeks beyond the hire date, but even had paid training. When somebody with ten years of experience but no goddamn clue could, and often did, get passed over in a job lineup by a manager with a keen eye who spotted a kid that didn't know much yet, but had the talent and the drive to become someone who did.

I want to know why, and how, we who actually do things have let the situation slide to the point that not only do the do-nothings and know-nothings extract just as much from the system as we do, but are actually choking us out of it. And I want to make it better again.

* note to worthless asshats in Department of Homeland Security: I do not actually plan on killing anyone or destroying any property. Piss up a rope.
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hop onboard the Clue Train, microsoft

Even when you own the hardware, even when you set up a fucking VPN from chip to chip right on the motherboard to lock us out, even when you don't give us a system shell, and we don't have so much as a keyboard or a mouse to work with, you still can't secure a fucking box, you ass clowns.

You know, I'd love to believe that the message Microsoft gets from this that the Palladium initiative is ultimately hopeless and will serve to do nothing but alienate their own righteous customers. Somehow, though, I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll just try to apply what they've "learned" from their failure to secure the X-box towards making Palladium somewhat more of a pain in the ass.

But I still can't help feeling a little better for the future. =)
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