August 21st, 2003

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A rambling anecdote with no real point

Paradoxically enough, the nearest Denny's to my house actually serves good food. I think it's because some corporate rebel in the local ownership has brashly decided to get the fuck rid of the cheap Pam® knock-off spray cans the franchise specifies, and actually lube the skillets / griddles / whatever the hell they cook the food on back there with something humane like cooking oil or margarine or something. Regardless, since my own house has a great place to sit with a laptop but nowhere really good to sit with a book, it's one of my usual haunts when I've got something better read from paper than an LCD screen.

After a particularly gruesome day battling tape drives and ham-handed software misinstallations on what used to be a really nice server, Denny's and the copy of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon that ravenword left with me after her recent visit were just what the doctor ordered. Atypically for Stephenson, it's a hell of a good book - incredibly funny in places, at least mildly thought-provoking in others, a generally damn good story in most of the rest, and with an absolute minimum of his usual masturbatory appeals to wannabee techno-nerds.

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