July 19th, 2004

evil - burns

Welcome to South fucking Carolina...

Where when it comes time to elect your Senator, you can proudly choose between gay-bashing (Republican) or gay-bashing (Democratic).

That's right, Inez Tenenbaum - woman, Superintendent of Education, and Democratic Senatorial candidate - proudly endorses the FMA, aka the Constitutional Amendment specifically designed to not only strip basic civil liberties from homosexuals at a federal level, but ensure that they stay stripped in the event of a non-fascist non-Dubya administration change.

Guess I'll be sitting this senatorial election out. Hope you didn't need MY vote to win, lady. >=\

5 year track back (meme stolen from herbaliser)

20 years ago I was:

* anxious about girls
* trying to cope with two newly-acquired stepsisters and a stepmother
* dealing with my dad bending over backwards to be "fair" to his new family
* dealing with my stepmother favoring her own and making no bones about it
* dealing with a family in which one of my stepsisters tried to kill me and nobody gave a shit

15 years ago I was:

* anxious about girls
* setting school records on standardized tests
* graduating high school... barely
* enlisting in the Navy for its Nuclear Power Program instead of going to college
* getting a great programming job right out of high school that I had to give up to honor my enlistment
* finding out the hard way that the Navy already had a file on my family from the Vietnam era

10 years ago I was:

* finalizing my divorce from a disastrously stupid marriage
* watching other people get PAID to leave the Navy early while my discharge requests were denied
* getting drunk in blue-collar bars with blue-collar people who I liked, but didn't really fit in with
* still falling in love with nearly anyone who'd return the favor
* sublimating my suppressed computer geek tendencies by working on cars instead

5 years ago I was:

* finally employed as an IT professional
* realizing that I was stuck in a rut at the best job I'd ever had
* getting stoned several times a week
* supplementing my salary as a network / database admin by doing freelance IT on the side
* falling head over heels for and with a girl who was 1. supposed to be just a fling and 2. already married
* economically comfortable for the first time in my life
* running an E/N website that was almost popular
* the #1, #2, and #3 returns for my own first name on Google
* utterly in love with Windows 2000
* hating SCO before it was cool
* annoyed that everybody always kept bashing microsoft
* annoyed that everybody always kept praising unix

2 years ago I was:

* getting laid off from the best job I'd ever had (better than the one I was in the rut at before!)
* shifting my freelance IT work from part-time mode to "oh shit I don't have any other income" mode
* discovering that I really could make it as an independent businessman
* discovering casual sex, and avoiding relationships entirely
* six months away from meeting somebody who would change that
* pretty much over the whole "weed" thing
* flying out to meet and visit with long-time internet friends
* hating Windows XP like Mohammed hates pork chops
* learning to hate microsoft
* learning to love unix