December 28th, 2004

giraffe cop


1. last night, I went groceries-and-miscellanies shopping and noticed that Axe - the brand of men's cologne spray that makes the neverending TV commercials with hot women humping things because they got a whiff of their product - now makes deodorant as well.  I gave a couple variants a test sniff, and approved, so I bought the stuff.  So far, its actual female attractant properties remain untested, but I can tell you that all fucking day I've been catching intermittent whiffs of myself and wanting to crawl into my own lap and sniff interestedly.

It occurs to me that, considering that I'm male myself (and straight), that could be bad.

2. Q: what kind of christmas present, after being given, must then be wrapped to be properly enjoyed?
A: a new mattress set.

I got myself a ridiculously nice new mattress set as a happy-xmas-to-me present, which just got here earlier this afternoon.  Oh my GOD is that mattress AWESOME.  Also, now that it's actually installed in my bedroom, I note that (since it's considerably thicker than my old set) it has now raised the bed-surface height to precisely.  Um.  Pelvic level.  You know what I'm talking about.  Bonus!

3. Yuck.  Work.  Have to do that now, and later tonight.  But then again, I can do it later tonight, which is convenient.  And I got permission to do remote access to another new client's network, and really, I'd almost always rather be able to do things on my own timeframe from my office than make painfully scheduled-out trips across town and have people whine about their network being down.  But still, meh.  Oh well, at least I'll sleep well when I do get done for the day now...
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