April 5th, 2005


on the perils of asking someone younger out, pt 2

I decided kinda at the last minute to attend Spring Trombone Night at the recital hall tonight after I got done with my math exam, and decided to try to call Marie and see if she wanted to go with - late notice, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained right?  I got her voice mail, and OMFG I had to struggle to get it together enough to try to sound halfway normal by the time the beep hit... it started out normal enough, with the little feminine robotic voice "you have reached the voice mail of..." but after the awkwardly spliced long pause, this incredibly gruff OMFG ANGRY DAD voice barks "MARIE... [LAST NAME]!" into the phone...!

I about lost my shit laughing right there.  Thankfully the pause in between the name identification and the "start talking" beep is just as awkwardly long as the one between the robotic voice and the name, so I think I managed to sound halfway normal.  But maybe not, I was fighting hard not to keep cracking up.

Postscript: Emily says her dad is, in fact, a football coach.  Which could maybe account for the practiced ease of the gruff bark.  Still, this was a voice that just screamed "YES, THIS YOUNG LADY DOES IN FACT HAVE A FATHER, AND YOU'D BETTER REMEMBER THAT, PUNK!"  (So if I ever meet the gentleman, I'm guessing it would probably not be the time to break my fairly long streak of "making good impressions on the parents...")

On a totally unrelated note, I just got back from seeing Sin City with PeeT (good flick, btw - lots of blood n guts n gore n foine boo-tay), and it's 1 AM, and now I have to decide whether to finish studying for tomorrow's Soc exam now, or get up eaaaaarrrrrly tomorrow AM to do it.  Hmmm... and it's sounding like tomorrow morning alllllll the way.  'Night!
Office Space

well, they can't all be good

I was really excited to go to another concert/recital tonight; Exposed Wiring II, an electronic music exposition in the same recital hall I've enjoyed a few classical and romantic pieces at (and yammered about here) recently.  I'd actually been looking forward to this one for more than a month.

OMFG it was HORRID.  After five or ten minutes of buildup about how amazing this was going to be and the OMFG SUPAR LEET software imported from Paris running on (I kid you not) a Powerbook laptop which was going to do real-time dynamic fuckery with a mic'ed tenor sax, and how amazing this was that a normal computer could do all this stuff in real time, and blah blah blah... what I got was some SERIOUSLY puerile modulation and echoing around the soundstage from a bunch of dubious partial jazz motives played on the sax.  "Amazing that the powerbook could do it in real time," my dying ass, a FOUR EIGHTY SIX could do that sort of thing in real time.  Not only was the electronic manipulation seriously unimpressive, the musicality was frankly worse - at one point, I was surrounded from all sides by godawful shrill treble-modulated echoes from a particularly sharp sax blatt delivered via the seven-speaker surround that had been set up in the recital hall, and it was like being in the midst of a flock of panicked and/or rabid tenor saxobats madly echolocating their little brasswinged asses off.  UGH.

Oh well... better luck next time, hopefully.
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