April 7th, 2005


dolin' out the anecdotes piecemeal

So last Saturday night when Maura and Marie and I were out, at one point (fuck me if I can remember why) we wound up merging on to 126 from Elmwood.  Something, I forget what, was bumping and entertaining us mightily on my new stereo (I got new speakers and put an amp and a nice boxed 10 in the trunk before the NC trip) and we had it cranked and were singing along and visibly grooving, and as we came out of the onramp we merged immediately next to an SUV packed full of brothas with the windows rolled down.  The dude in the passenger seat of the SUV looked over at me, made eye contact, and did that hip-hop "hydraulics bumpin'" move with his forearm with a poker face on, and I rolled down my window in a hurry, grinning like a maniac, and leaned out and yelled "I'm puttin' the switches in next weekend!" and enthusiastically returned the "bumpin'" move complete with head and torso action.  Everybody in both vehicles cracked up.

Random encounters, good times. =)
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MCSB, impressin' tha LAAAAYdeez:

MCSB was mackin' on the brunettes in the back row again.  The skinny pale one made semi-polite noises at him, while the curvy dark-skinned one rolled her eyes at me and tried to pretend he wasn't talking to her.

"Oh, man, you drink rum and coke?  I can't do that.  When I get around the Captain I do dumb shit, like trash cans get set on fire and stuff."
"And tequila, oh man, tequila... that's just bad, I get cold stupid when I drink tequila."
"And vodka, oh my god, vodka's bad, man, that's just bad, you can't expose me to vodka, it gets stupid."

... and I'm thinking, dude, don't front, you get retarded when exposed to air.
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