April 14th, 2005



Bellsouth ADSL and Time-Warner cable modem - multi-homed, dynamically load-balanced, automatic redundant failover.  IN MY LIVING ROOM.

NAT Statistics WAN 1 WAN 2
Connection Status Connected Connected
Default Loading Share 50% 50%
Current Loading Share 70%  29% 
Current Loading Sessions 48 11
Bytes 408K 168K
Packets 462 165
Current Bandwidth Download Speed 385 KB/s 164 KB/s
Upload Speed 23 KB/s 3 KB/s
Interface Statistics WAN 1 WAN 2
Interface Usage  85%  14%
Over All Bytes received 48 MB 11 MB
Bytes transmitted 20 MB 357 KB
Total 68 MB 11 MB

Suck it, bitches.

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and on a completely different note

Oh my god USC's campus is gorgeous in the springtime.  I was running late to class, so I didn't really notice on the way in, but on the way out to my car... it was just before 7 PM, and grayishly bright from the overcast, and there was a cool breeze running through the horseshoe and there were flowering bushes and shrubs and trees everywhere.  It looked like a cross between a southern plantation house and a college and a botanical garden - azaleas and dogwoods and morning glories, oh my!

Seriously, it just blew me away.  I may need to remember to make a special trip in with the camera one day.
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