June 6th, 2005



If you date a linguist, expect to get your pronunciation laughed at.  Frequently.

(On the other hand, I got to tease her for asking if I was imitating a "cowfrog" when I was telling her about the summer nightly amphibian serenade from the creek in back of my apartment.  "Ah... actually, they're bullfrogs."  Heh heh heh... City-folk!)

boys' night

I don't really have a lot of those, to be honest.  Boys' night, that is.  But tonight, cruising across Lake Murray at sunset, beer in hand, companionably passing a cigar back and forth as the radio played just loudly enough to blend in with the whoosh of the wind and the gentle slapping of the wake and the steady thrum of the motor, I looked at Gordon and Nate and said "this is how it's supposed to be."

Damn right.
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