June 19th, 2005

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oh, those poor Chargers =(

There's gonna be a Dukes of Hazzard movie... holy crap.  I'm not entirely sure Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg and Johnny Knoxville as Luke are really true to the original spirit, but... it looks kinda entertaining anyway.

Interesting note: this movie couldn't have been done at all until recently... because the car jumps will HAVE to be largely CGI.  The original show didn't end because of lack of viewers, it ended because they plain and simple broke so many Dodge Chargers filming those preposterous creek jumps that there just weren't  any more to be found.  (The best was when they'd leave the camera on the car a little too long after the jump and you could actually see the axles snapping... then camera cut and the General is haulin' balls like nothing's wrong.)  When the show originally started, the Charger was the least expensive musclecar with the right "image" for the show - which was important, because you break one beyond repair everytime you do one of those jumps the show was so famous for.  By the end of the run, it was by far the most expensive... because it was RARE.
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Oops I'm making a poll

Do you think the 24-hour stubble look - dubbed the "Oops I'm sexy" by one of the characters in the first season of Six Feet Under - works?

Poll #516163 The 24-hour-stubble look

24 hours of stubble = "Oops I'm ______."

about the same, really
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Boba Fett's backpack does not, in fact, have jets.  (It has rockets.)

That'd make for a shitty lyric, though.
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