September 4th, 2005



Khruschev: "We will bury you!"
Ballmer: "I'm going to fucking bury that guy!"

Coincidence?  Well, yeah.  But still.

What I'm on about: court documents from the big Microsoft vs Google battle in which a former MS employee discusses Ballmer ranting, raving, talking about "burying" Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), "killing Google", and throwing chairs across the room in a nice big totalitarian-not-getting-his-way temper tantrum.

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oh my.

Up until today, I had never seen a purely Spanish language advertisement on any of my local TV stations (in Columbia, SC).  Some bilingual ones, yes.  But purely Spanish?  No.  That changed today, however... with a purely Spanish "we will arrest your ass if you drive drunk" public service announcement.

That seems a little... er... "politically unfortunate."

Is it just me?
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