January 18th, 2006

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Ever sat at the same table in a crowded public place with a girl so bitter and frustrated that she snarled out at any random men who happened to be within eye and earshot - making eye contact when possible - "Why do all men have to be so FAT AND UGLY?  WHY ARE THEY ALL FAT... AND... UGLY?!"

... at about 1PM on a Saturday afternoon?

... when all concerned were cold sober?

While the weekend did have more memorable moments, that one still cracks me up every time I think about it. =)

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aw yeah

Today I have:
1. fixed several people's computer / network / etc problems on a professional level
2. set up my newly-acquired Marantz AV550 5.1 preamp to send the subwoofer out to two channels on my power amp, reconfigured my speakers for bi-amping, built out 12-gauge XLR-terminated cables for the bass side, and fed the new dual sub channels straight into the bass drivers with the L + R channels going to the mids and tweets.  And it sounds badass.
3. kicked the gym's ass in a big way.  a tremendous way, even.

I am so full of testosterone-soaked manly prowess it hurts.

On the other hand, I also found out I did fucking horrible on a Japanese quiz, and my server is down for god knows how long and it's utterly out of my control and omg I hate that.  But we're not worrying about that.  You know why we're not worrying about that?  GUNS, BABY.  ::flexes::

Time to watch an episode of the Boondocks in glorious bi-amped soundstage before going early (for me) to bed and early (for anybody) to rise, so I can study for tomorrow's Kanji quiz.

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