August 7th, 2006


I love it when a plan comes together

Man, sometimes shit just all comes together for you.

I didn't get a job with USC that I had been scoping for a while... not because I didn't get picked, but because a customer of mine offered a much more attractive opportunity. Which I took.

I didn't get registered for classes when I was supposed to at the end of last semester, because I was just too frazzled to deal. Finally I went in today, and although at first I got signed up for Digital Logic - which turned out to be, basically, Electronic Basketweaving for Imbeciles - I talked to a friend in a high place and got an override to get into CSCE 245 instead, which is C and C++ programming in the Unix environment. Even with a bit of TCP/IP programming at the end of the class! AKA, the kind of shit I actually want to go to school for. It's supposed to be a hugely difficult class, for a core class, and the class website is sprayed with warnings not to take it with a heavy courseload... which matches up pretty neatly with me deciding to only take a single class this semester, yes?

Also nicely, the Electronic Basketweaving Digital Logic class, while a core requirement for my major, turns out to have a perfectly workable summer schedule. Sweeeeet.

The only fly in the ointment is being single at the moment, but hey, those things have a way of working themselves out too.
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