October 4th, 2006


helping people with C++ can be surprisingly entertaining

(21:06:48) Jimbo: why not just say Sequence* temp(c);
(21:07:00) Lucie: coffee!
(21:07:07) Jimbo: pour me a cup!
(21:07:22) Lucie: haha...seriously though, that's what it shows me!
(21:07:30) Lucie: Sequence* temp COFFEE
(21:07:48) Jimbo: it was giving you hexadecimal somehow?
(21:09:37) Lucie: can you say Sequence* temp ( _c_ ) underscores so it doesn't turn into coffee for me!
(21:09:41) Jimbo: OHHHHH... so it's a smiley on your end?
(21:09:46) Lucie: yes!
(21:09:49) Jimbo: I was so confused... I thought it was giving you the literal value of a pointer
(21:09:52) Jimbo: C0 FF EE

and then:

(23:39:53) Lucie: haha, the compiler does not like my ostream at all
(23:40:13) Jimbo: that is because your ostream does not wash and smells funny
(23:40:24) Lucie: maybe so! or maybe because I say when j hits 59 then: out >> '\n'; which is surprisingly not correct
(23:41:57) Jimbo: the only word in that sentence I have a problem with is "surprisingly" =)
(23:42:11) Lucie: yeah, I was SHOCKED
(23:42:30) Jimbo: the compiler is not a big fan of the "never mind what I said, you heard what I meant!" school of communication
(23:42:33) Lucie: well, you use IN for istream
(23:42:50) Lucie: so why can't I use OUT for ostream
(23:43:01) Jimbo: I think the compiler should just shut up and cram the stream into the constant like you asked it to
(23:45:29) Lucie: I did do that?
(23:45:56) Jimbo: yes... you said, take this stream named out, and stuff it inside the constant value '\n'
(23:46:00) Jimbo: I like that
(23:46:07) Jimbo: you think like someone with POWER
(23:46:17) Jimbo: why make x equal to 2, when you can just change the value of 2 instead?