March 8th, 2007


How much do you think it costs...

How much do you think it costs for a birth control pill to use your computer in an ad... but, um, not use your computer in an ad?

If you've seen the most recent "Loestrin" (low estrogen birth control pill, aka the one that's supposed to give you shorter periods) ad, the chick looks it up on a laptop. That laptop is clearly a Macintosh Powerbook - complete with backlit logo (and the keyboard is identical) - but the backlit logo in question weirdly isn't an apple. It's something vaguely unidentifiable - a butterfly? A uterus? A pair of fallopian tubes? But nevertheless, the laptop is very clearly a Mac powerbook - even down to the appearance of the OS and the way the browser wipes its way onto the desktop with a faux-3d "twist."

But the apple logo is switched out for something fake.

So... what does it cost, do you think, to get your distinctive laptop design used in a commercial... but not get your logo displayed? What, exactly, the "bargain rate" for computer platform exposure in a completely unrelated ad campaign?

I'm just curious here.

PS: it takes 2 fucking HOURS to get the Daylight Savings Time patch applied to a 3-server Exchange / Blackberry / 2K3 domain controller farm applied, including MANDATORY REBOOT (wtf?!) and only about 5 mins to get the same fix applied to pre-6.x BSD boxes? With no reboot needed, so I still have > 1,000 days of uptime on the ones isolated from power company fuckups? wtf? Somebody wanna explain that to me? What - microsoft SUCKS? NO YOU ARE KIDDING ME. OK, moving on now...