October 21st, 2007


molly pictures

The pup is home! It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I'm her person as opposed to just some random guy who's being really nice to her, but she's settling in well.

It's very clear that she hasn't ever been anybody's dog before, certainly never an inside dog - both stairs and television were obviously entirely new experiences for her. Took me about 5 minutes to coax her into following me up the stairs (even though she was still on the leash) so I could give her a bath (which she was NOT fond of) and as for TV... she started out barking and growling at it from behind the couch (and popping up like a Whack-a-Mole from time to time to see if any of the people and things in it had jumped out of the box yet) but once she got over that... she WATCHES it.

I kid you not, my dog has been watching TV for the last two or three hours. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to see shit from Animal Planet cropping up on the DVR in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, as promised, here are Collapse )

In related news, Tom doesn't hate me for bringing Molly home but he's pretty clearly dubious of this new development and a little bit standoffish. Hopefully the fact that he still gets bedroom access at night while Moll has to stay in the crate in the living room (for now - she doesn't get the run of the house until late November) will mellow him out pretty quickly.