February 19th, 2008

cheshire cat

so it's 3:30 AM...

... and pantsnotneeded and I just got home from closing the bar down.

In three point five hours, the furniture people will be here with my new table and chairs. What are the odds I will be thrilled about this, in three point five hours?

I would say "file this under poor life decisions", but honestly, it was worth it. Sometimes, you need to cut loose a bit.

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laser + squirrel = SCIENCE!

preliminary table report

I have the table: and I am pleased. Thankfully, with it and the chairs.

OMGPIX to follow later this morning. But first, I'm overdue for 1. shower 2. breakfast 3. work, in exactly that order.

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New dinette: OMGPIX

It's a little bit oversized for the space, but I really like it! (All pics are clickable for 4x increased resolution.)

This is the only pic of the bunch that you can see the underlying color of the chairs at all - they're a sort of "stone" color, but it's tinged with a very pale green that doesn't show much. Which I rather like - subtlety and a sort of restrained ethic works for me. Except, of course, when it comes to my electronics; but we already know all about that right?

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