November 4th, 2008

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Voting, and other stuff

Sorry I haven't been around for, uh... weeks? I was busy getting married and stuff. There's a shit-pot of pictures I need to post and yadda, yadda, yadda.

But anyway.

Janis and I walked down to vote today, and omg it was a madhouse. She hasn't yet changed her name (to make sure it wouldn't interfere with her ability to vote) so I ended up voting first, since they were splitting the lines by first-letter-last-name, and apparently there are a LOT more voters in the first half of the alphabet than the latter. So, about an hour into the line waiting experience, I got to vote while she was still outside the hall.

After I'd voted, I salmoned my way back upstream to hang out with her while she waited. Eventually, I ended up leaving her there so I could go home and take a dump. It's probably just as well - judging from the stories she told when she got home, I'd have ended up in the "Crime Blotter" section of the Free Times later if I hadn't.

Janis ended up waiting in line for another two hours after I left, and my sweet-tempered never-rattled non-complainy-y bride came home yelling-and-shaking mad. Not at the poll workers - at the other people in line. She was just ahead of the Couple From Hell, who apparently bitched EXTREMELY loudly, non-stop, and kept grabbing poll-workers and interfering with them doing, you know, their actual jobs. Because it was more important that these two twits tie them up bitching about, you guessed it, how slow things were.

Among their more notable idiocies, apparently these two started grabbing pollworkers and complaining that "the booths aren't even being kept full!" while pointing angrily at an admittedly empty booth... with no fucking voting machine inside. We got some handicapped voters at our polling place, and they had to take the machine from that booth outside to accommodate the handicapped folks. (They were schlepping the machine in and out as necessary, not leaving it as a permanent handicapped station, incidentally.)

After an hour and a half of being subjected to these people's loud shouting and negative crap, finally just before she went ahead to vote she told them "next time you should just send in absentee ballots, then you won't have to be here"; this apparently did not go over well. Comments were apparently made about how they "didn't have to listen to" Janis; more comments were made to the effect that Janis had had to listen to them for the last hour and a half, etc etc etc.

I think it's probably just as well I wasn't there. I dunno how severe the charges are for beating somebody's ass right on the floor at a polling place on a national election day, but if this asshole managed to get JANIS so mad she was shaking, I am pretty sure I'd have gotten fed up enough to deck him.

On a happier note, did I mention we're married?