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I visited my Mom in Mississippi this weekend. While I was there I fixed a computer, set up a FreeBSD server, fixed the steering on a 12.5 hp riding mower, and rewired a 1972 Ford 4000 diesel tractor. I am Renaissance Redneck!

... fuck, I'm kinda glad to be back to "work" again. =)

But seriously, that's definitely a different culture down there than I'm used to. Mom is faculty at MSU, and she's wound up as sort of an unofficial IT department within her department, not so much because she's an IT goddess, but because, well, she has a clue and the "real" IT department TOTALLY doesn't. So every now and then when she runs up against something particularly challenging, she asks me for some help on it, and apparently she likes to brag about me to the other people in her department, because when I showed up and she introduced me around they all had pretty clearly heard a lot about me. And they all pretty clearly had a good bit more respect for her as far as IT goes than the actual IT department, and were inclined to say things along the lines of wishing when the position of head of that department had come open recently it could have been offered to somebody without a college degree (i.e. "me"), etc etc etc... but here's the funny thing: It was when she would tell them that I was going to fix her tractor the next day that their eyes would, I shit you not, light up with something akin to avarice.

Anyway, I brought everybody back a gen-yoo-wine Miss'sippy souvenir, as pictured on the right: Fat Mama's Knock-You-Naked Margarita mix. Mmmm, mmm good. Anybody wanna drink?

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