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I have three points today, not five - damned downsizing...

1. A teacher in Oakland turned in two of the 16-year-old students in her class to the Secret Service for making disparaging comments about our President during a classroom discussion. The SS sent a couple of troopers by to interrogate the terroristsstudents without their parents or lawyers present. Here's a quote: "When one of the students asked, 'do we have to talk now? Can we be silent? Can we get legal council?' they were told, 'we own you, you don't have any legal rights.'"

B) Comcast Cable in Phoenix has decided not to air a commercial critical of Bush's tax cut because they consider it to be "in poor taste." The commercial shows a re-enactment of an event that really happened in Eugene, OR, in which a group of parents donated blood plasma to raise the funding for one of their kids' teachers to keep their job. The ad suggested that Bush's tax cut has exacerbated the school funding crisis, and was paid for by a grass-roots activist group. I won't even mention the sheer surreality of a cable television provider accusing anyone of poor taste.

Three: I had a conversation with my boss a few weeks ago in which I compared Hitler to George W. Bush. He was incredulous that I would even compare the two; after all, he told me, you may not like Bush much, but at least he's not running around killing American citizens. Unfortunately, my boss was not familiar with the early days of Hitler's regime. Hitler didn't start by building death camps; he suggested that Jews were responsible for the country's problems, and citizens' groups eagerly took care of the rest. Individuals banded together to run Jews out of town so they could declare their home city Judenfrei (Jew-free). Those who didn't share their neighbors' zeal were labeled "unpatriotic."

I hope it's obvious why I juxtaposed these three memes. Please note, however, I'm not suggesting that there's a perfect parallel between the policies of Bush and Hitler; he's a lot more like Mussolini.</font>

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