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the idiocy of the MPAA

Item: I wanted to make a copy of a DVD for personal use. I have a DVD burner, so this is usually a pretty simple and painless process.

Item: Turns out that even though the DVD isn't actually multi-angle, the studio burned it multi-angle just to bump the filesize up well over the 4.7GB limit of a single density, ie burned, DVD, presumably "to discourage piracy."

Item: This means that instead of burning myself a simple physical copy, as I had been wont to do, I just spent all of 15 minutes learning how to rip a DVD and process it into an MPEG-4 AVI - single file, very high compression, very high quality, very suitable for mass distribution over the internet via P2P filesharing, and actually very convenient because I don't have to waste the money on a DVD-R to burn it to.

Good fucking move there, guys - thanks to your "innovative piracy prevention measures", I just learned how to distribute extremely high quality copies of your product to millions of people semi-anonymously via the internet, instead of just making a single copy for my own personal use. With thinking like this, I'm GLAD the MPAA is fighting against the ideas I hold dear - they might very well do less damage that way.

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