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LEMMING TIME (blame scintil8ingwdsm for this)

5 things you are wearing:
1. olive drab T-shirt
2. perry ellis boxers
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...

5 things you can see:
1. this laptop
2. a bookcase full of tech bibles and DVDs
3. the death stereo
4. a diet pepsi can full of diet mountain dew
5. a hat with "POOP" embroidered on it

5 things you are doing right now:
1. this update
2. watching Futurama
3. twiddling my toes
4. being happy I'm done with work for the day
5. sneering at a Stridex commercial that has a girl flinging her tits up and down (as opposed to actually dancing) to a really shitty beat in a teen club

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1. Turkey chili
2. Teriyaki stir-fry: fresh cubed tuna, fresh broccoli, fresh snow pea pods, teriyaki sauce, cilantro, a touch of lemon juice
3. frozen chicken parmesan and pasta meal, doctored up with onion powder, basil, and fresh-ground mixed peppercorns
4. frozen pizza, doctored up with some garlic and crushed red pepper and parsley
5. almonds

5 things you've done so far today:
1. built and set up a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain controller
2. built and set up a FreeBSD 5.0 Samba server
3. got ACLs working on FreeBSD and got Samba authenticating passwords via the AD domain
4. showed www.snopes.com to somebody who'll probably just keep forwarding hoaxes anyway
5. filled out this thing

5 Things you can hear right now:
1. Futurama
2. clickety-tickety-click
3. if I listen close, I can hear my toes twiddling
4. dammit, I'm watching TV and I live alone, I had to stretch to get to THREE
5. see above

5 thoughts in your head right now:
1. satisfaction at learning more about ACLs and Samba and domains today
2. anticipation about setting it up in production for a customer
3. being glad I'm not feeling particularly lonely at the moment
4. being a bit wistful about the fact that #3 is fleeting serendipity
5. wishing I didn't have to go to Charlotte tomorrow

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