June 11th, 2003

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01:12 am - from a messageboard I frequent
 DADD-eee, quit scoping my RACK!
Rufus: Go kiss your president's shoes...

eod: But they are caked with dead Iraqi children and civil liberties. :.(....

Rufus: I'm sure he'll wipe them off for you with that big sheet of red, white and blue fabric hanging in his office.

zippy: that's for snorting coke off of

Jimbo: no, that's what Jenna's tits are for.

Current Mood: amused
Current Music: Slick Rick - Treat Her Like A Prostitute

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[User Picture] From: anyaatl
Date: June 10th, 2003 - 10:25 pm


Too freaking funny!!!!!!!!!! BTW..doing the almond thang..thanks:-)

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