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A somewhat younger friend of mine has been telling me stories about the (legal) teenager that he's not-exactly-dating. He doesn't want a relationship, and mostly she pretends not to either - but he can't figure out why she keeps going from random "daring" meaningless blowjobs and "just having fun" to getting all kissy and "sweet" and domestic and, well... girlfriend-y.

It seems pretty obvious to me - some women rush to give out casual sex, just like some men rush to pick up the dinner check... and either way, it's a sad little race to make the other side feel obligated to give them something that THEY want, with the tacit assumption that the other side DOESN'T want it and wouldn't be likely to grant it if not maneuvered into it.

It's all a matter of perspective.

(It's also, if you ask me, more fucked up than a football bat. But hey, it's not like I can point to my happy wife and children of umpteen years, so whaddoIknow?)

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