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An open letter to a retard who'll never see it

Even if I was GOING to buy Viagra from some jackass that spammed me twice a day every day, I would buy it from one of the OTHER jackasses that wants me to buy Viagra and spams me twice a day every day but has at least figured out that you can't just type raw tags into the goddamn email and expect it to show up as HTML on the other end without proper encoding.

<div align="center"> 
  <p><u><font size="5"><b><font color="#000000" face="Courier New, Courier, mono">Achieve the best sex 
    you have most <br>
    likely ever had!</font></b><br>
    <strong><FONT face="Times New Roman" 
      color=#cc0000 size=4>
    <MARQUEE scrollAmount=50 scrollDelay=100 behavior=slide width=382>
      style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; COLOR: #cc0000"><font face="Tahoma">Generic 
    Viagra - Energize your sex life</font></SPAN> 
    </FONT><font face="Tahoma"><o:p></o:p></font><o:p><FONT face="Times New Roman" 
      color=#cc0000 size=4><SPAN 
      style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 13.5pt; COLOR: #cc0000"><font face="Tahoma"><br>
    60% less expensive than Viagra®</font></SPAN></FONT></o:p></strong><br>
    </font></u><font size="5"><strong><br>
    </strong></font><font size="5" face="Courier New, Courier, mono"><strong><font size="3">*100% 
    safe and medically proven<br>
    * Improve penial blood flow<br>
    * Sustained erections<br>
    * Better sexual health<br>
    * Ease of arousal<br>
    * Increased sensitivity<br>
    * Stronger ejaculations</font></strong></font><font size="3"><strong><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono"><o:p></o:p></font><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p></strong><o:p></o:p></font><o:p></o:p><font size="5"><strong></strong><u><strong><br>
    <a href="http://www.dealsbytheminute.biz/mka/index.php?man=eagle"><strong>CLICK 
    HERE TO LEARN MORE</strong></a> </strong></u></font></p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p><a href="http://www.dealsbytheminute.biz/bek/">CLICK HERE TO UNSUSCRIBE TO 
    THE MAILING LIST</a></p>
  <p><font size="5"><br>
    </font> </p>
  <p> </p>
  <p> </p>

PS to one of the other idiots that keeps spamming me: I don't actually WANT my dick to be three inches longer. Even if your pills worked. Which they don't.

PPS to the people that keep BUYING this shit, without whom the spammers wouldn't keep DOING this: you suck, you are retarded, and you should get off the intarweb. and stay off. NOW. kthxbye!

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