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For those of you who are still on the fence about Dubya

It has come to my attention that perhaps some folks don't think our President has really done anything to hinder free speech. My friend Clme wanted some help finding links for use in a forum flamewar, which I promptly drowned him in, and then he suggested that posting them would be a good idea. Maybe he's right. I'm kinda surprised that people haven't been keeping on top of things enough to already KNOW about all this shit, since I'm not really a newshound and I did, but hey... what the hell, if I can help, I'm here for you baby. In no particular order:

Secret Service allows Bush supporters to wave signs, removes Bush protesters (Columbia, SC)

Man arrested for "trespassing" on public sidewalk when he refused to put down anti-Bush protest sign

Three men file suit after being arrested for failure to leave "supporters-only" zones for "free speech zones" at Bush rally (Tampa, FL)

College students threatened with arrest, expulsion from school if they protest Bush (Columbus, OH)

Personal account of Ohio State University story above

Protesters charged by police on horseback, trampled in peaceful anti-war, anti-Bush rally (Louisville, KY)

Man and sister arrested for holding anti-Bush sign in president's presence (Neville Island, PA)

Secret Service searches apartment, interrogates, threatens to criminally charge student newspaper columnist for asking Jesus to smite Dubya, his cabinet, and MTV's Carson Daly in satirical article (New York, NY)

Man arrested because toilet paper rolls with president's face on them deemed "threat to national security" (Estes Park, CO)

ACLU files emergency motion with federal court to allow protesters to peacefully demonstrate OUTSIDE a convention center (St. Louis, MO)

ACLU files lawsuit charging police officials with systematically arresting over 400 peaceful demonstrators although they had not violated a law (Washington DC)

It's probably worth noting that the details of a lot of those incidents are actually even worse than they sound from the headlines - for instance, the actual story on the last one includes broken ribs and 30-hour detainments in wrist-and-ankle cuffs.


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