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Lost In Translation

Jesus christ. All the hype about this movie? Utterly, completely, without reservations deserved. You may have heard everybody nattering on about how they never knew Bill Murray could act like that, and it's a valid reaction - but the implication is that it's something of a dancing bear scenario (the miracle is not how well the bear dances, but that the bear can dance at all) and that's simply not the case. Both Murray and the leading lady, one Scarlett Johannson, are utterly incredible.

I just saw this movie with Maya, and it was the most raw and heartbreaking performance I think I've ever witnessed on the silver screen. In herbaliser's terms, it was one solid, unbroken, 2 hour long movie moment.

If you've heard the hype but don't know what the movie is about, Murray and Johannson are both in Tokyo, both overwhelmed in the culture and underwhelmed in their lives, and the movie is basically a documentary of their fleeting May-December romance. It's fresh, it's real, and it's so intimate it's like emotional pornography.

Still not convinced? Let me try another tack: the movie opens with a lingering love affair of a close-up of Johansson's beautiful ass, covered only in plain cotton panties worn so thin that they're utterly translucent - and goes uphill from there. (No, not THAT kind of uphill from there. Perv. It's a beautiful movie, okay?)

See this movie, and see it now.

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