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de docta, he say I cain play de foobaw no mo'...

I played football for three grueling (and fun) hours today... thank god.

Why thank god? 'Cause last time I played, two weeks ago, I was fucking pathetic. Turns out lifting and doing martial arts stuff, and even cardio like biking and swimming, doesn't do much of a FUCKING bit of good for you on a football field if you go several years in between doing any kind of actual running/chasing/evading stuff.

I went thirteen years in between football games... hadn't played since I got out of high school.

The "thank god" part comes in for the fact that today was WAY different from last time a couple weeks back; the testosterone flowed mightily and yours truly got a couple TDs, a buncha yardage, some mean-ass QB sacks, and lots of nasty blocks in. And finally remembered how to throw a fucking football, which, again, will escape you if you don't do it for thirteen years straight.

So for those of you who are still super-young, take heed - I am NOT old at thirty... but if I'd gone much fucking longer without doing this kinda stuff, I dunno if I coulda got back into it.

I'm going to hurt tomorrow...

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