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black humor

Today, I stopped in to look for a part at a local PC store. They didn't have the part I needed - but they did want to show me, as they always do, the latest and greatest in gay-ass pre-"modded" cases. In this case a completely clear acrylic case full of cold cathode shit with the power supply visibly sagging inward horribly because CHEAP ACRYLIC ISN'T A GOOD CHOICE OF LOAD BEARING MATERIAL. Sigh. So after we established they didn't have the parts I needed and I had no fucking interest in the parts they had, I stuck around to chat for a little while, and show them the video of BillG silently plotting to murder the IBM dude that invented Ctrl-Alt-Del, and like that.

And after a little while, this blonde chick walked in.

She was really a little old to be OMFG HOTTIE, and she really wasn't all that pretty, but she had a nice body and tight tight black jeans and cream-colored sweater, and the SECOND the door closed behind her, she donned that godawful over-bright smile that says "omfg, can one of you HORRIBLE FUCKING NERDS come help me with this problem? Look, I'm helpless!"

Sadly, the tactic was called for. All four of the PC store nerds in the front literally froze in place for several seconds, before one of them rushed over to help her. After another few seconds, another just as literally rushed to the back to alert the workbench trolls that an actual woman was in the store, omfg come quick! I felt like I was reading Catch-22 or something. "Oh jesus, I should be sobbing, screaming in anger, wailing in horror, or SOMETHING... not laughing my fucking ass off."

I left right then before I lost it.

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