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So, it's noticeably after midnight, and I'm rolling on in home, and I'm reflecting on differences. I sure as hell can't drink like I used to - good god, when I was in the Navy, it took a six-pack downed in an hour or two just to let me know I had a buzz; and now four or five drinks is plenty for the night. On the other hand, there's a certain someone that can't drink 1/4 of what I can even now. But you know... that's fine. I don't really *want* her to be able to. I *like* that she gets tipsy really easily, but generally chooses not to get really tipsy. She gets all my jokes, she makes more jokes in the same vein, she laughs at most of the things I laugh at, and tolerates the stuff that's different - and so do I. I can tell her about my day, and even the most hardcore ubergeeky shit I throw at her, she understands enough to appreciate the point of what I'm trying to relate - and she's got her own hardcore ubergeeky shit that I just understand enough of to relate to, when it comes right down to it.

She's not perfect - thank god, because I sure as hell wouldn't deserve her if she was - but she, and what we have, is/are something I've never had before, that's for sure. For that matter, whatever the heck "it" is still seems to be up for grabs; definitions are hard to pin down. But whatever "it" is, I'm awfully glad I have it. And I hope I still have it for a long time to come.
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