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My back hurts, dammit.

Some jackass rearended me doing like 25mph *at the time of impact* while I was at a stoplight today.

Amazingly, the indestructible Neon is virtually unmarked - there's a scuff on the bumper rubbermaid, and the license plate is crumpled to FUCK, but nothing's cracked or broken.

The impact was hard enough that it kinda blacked me out a little, and slammed the car about ten feet forward when the guy plowed into me.

The perpetrator's EXACT words to a passing fire department sedan, inquiring if I needed assistance in getting police out there: "oh it's okay, we just bumped into each other." I stared him down cold and said "we did not bump into each other, you rear-ended me." He dropped his eyes to the ground and mumbled "I, uh, rear-ended him." I think he was half-afraid I was going to beat his ass right there in the middle of the street, fire-department guy and all. (I also think a little fear on his part might have been a healthy thing at that point.)

I totally wanted to stick him with the traffic points and the fine and the insurance hikes, because goddamn, he hit me hard enough to make me black out. But there really wasn't any damage worth speaking of to my Neon, although it did probably $750-$1000 worth of damage to his truck - crushed and mangled the hell out of his bumper; probably the whole front clip will need to be replaced as well. (Truck vs Neon - who expected the NEON to deliver the ass-beating there?) And I totally didn't have two hours to spend standing in the middle of the street dealing with cops, and no matter how not at fault you are, your insurance always goes up if you're involved in a claim in any way, in my experience. So I settled for tearing him a new asshole and letting him go.
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