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the best things in life

starfyerangel: one of my favorite hometown stores has a location in columbia, SC. the brother of the guy who opened the one in CT opened the one in SC. that rocks.
Jimbosworldorg: ?
starfyerangel: pennyweights?
starfyerangel: know it?
Jimbosworldorg: noes
Jimbosworldorg: what do they sell?
starfyerangel: jewelry
Jimbosworldorg: that... would explain why I'm not familiar with it :-)
starfyerangel: hahaha.w
starfyerangel: well, maybe you'd shopped for a woman before
Jimbosworldorg: dude
Jimbosworldorg: I get 'em for free
Tags: humorous, vignette

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