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I dropped Laura off at the airport around 11AM this morning; she should be safely back in Boston by now.

Apartment seems soooooo empty.

A couple nights ago, we went to Best Buy to nab a copy of Donnie Darko. I also wound up with an armful of other DVDs, including this one cool-looking one I'd never heard of with some really awesome art on the cover. It's also narrated by the Professor from Gilligan's Island - not a selling point, exactly, but good for a bit of comedy. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection before starting to watch it today, I discovered that it's copyright 1987... with box art copyright 2004. All the characters have Flock of Seagulls hair, and the animation style looks like a cross between Scooby-Doo and those Bible Stories cartoons they used to advertise the shit out of back in the VCR days. Which is probably because, upon even closer inspection, it turns out that it isn't actually anime at all - it's a cartoon freely adapted from an actual anime by a staff of whiteboys with the occasional Japanese name thrown in. It's not BAD, really, just... boring. Nothing much happening.

Apartment seems soooooo empty.

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