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Colombia, Columbia... same diff

From a conversation on AIM a few minutes ago:

jimbojones: I always have my posts as conversations
jimbojones: I need a bigger ego or something if I'm going to be any good at this "make posts for the world at large on a regular basis" thing
herbaliser: hahahahahahahah
herbaliser: "damn, my ego's not big enough"

This, of course, serves well to drive home the point that the other option is simply to not have so many online friends.

Anyway, after she was done mocking me, she mentioned that I should post about the restaurant I took Laura to this weekend. Naturally, in addition to a Lord of the Rings all-day dorkathon (watching the DVD for FotR at home followed by seeing The Two Towers in the theater), I had Go Eat Sushi With Someone Else Who Actually Enjoys It pretty high up on my "things to do while Laura's here" list, and - this being a special occasion - I took her to the place with the best sushi. (Thai Lotus on St. Andrews Rd, for you fellow Columbia people out there.)

Actually, that's neither so easy nor so "natural" a decision as I made it out to be... the place is quirky. It serves both Thai and Japanese cuisine, and - in spite of being exclusively owned and operated by Thai people - the Thai food there absolutely SUCKS, while the sushi is far and away the best in town. Another oddity is that although it's by far both the largest (bigger even than Yamato's chain restaurants, which are always freaking huge) and the most expensively furnished of the oriental places in town, the place is always almost empty... probably because the service is, I kid you not, the worst I have ever had in any restaurant anywhere, up to and including "ghetto Wendy's." If you want a menu - or god help you, you expect to have your order actually taken, or to receive your check - it's highly suggested that you bring a fucking lasso, because the waitresses sure as hell aren't going to volunteer to get involved... but, again, it's far and away the best sushi in town.

So we have a place that's got to be expensive as hell to operate, the prices aren't particularly high, and the place is almost always at 10% capacity or less because the service is so terrible... and it's been running this way for years.

I'm thinking "money-laundering venture that just acquired incredible sushi chefs by pure fucking accident."

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