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on Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw F911 tonight... god, what a powerful film, and powerful op-ed documentary. Of course, it's also controversial as hell. I've heard a lot of shit about Michael Moore in general - which I have little opinion on, this being the only of his films I've seen - and this movie itself, which I have a definite set of opinions on. You may not - and, in fact, judging from the various people I've talked to, probably will not - agree with all of them. They are, however, my considered opinions, and I stand by them.

1. To everyone bitching about him "showing soldiers in a bad light" by showing footage of the young troops getting ready to cowboy up and go into a hot zone at the beginning of the Iraq war segment of the movie - you Just Don't Get It. Shame on YOU, not on Michael Moore - shame on you wanting to call those kids "rednecks" or "unprofessional" because they have a fucking CD player hooked into the PA in their tank, or because they talk about getting psyched up before rolling into fire. What the fuck, man? Those kids are SUPPOSED to be hair trigger. They're SUPPOSED to be fired up and running on an edge. You don't send careful, methodical types to the front to act as shock troops at the head of an invasion. You don't WANT to send careful, methodical types. You want to send adrenaline junkies, people who take orders but act on initiative. You want to send - those kids. Exactly as they are. They aren't "bad examples" at all, they are EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED TO BE, and if you ask me, what you should really be getting out of that segment is that you should think really fucking carefully before you unleash those shock troops on an area. When they do what it is that they have to do, it will never be pretty. So don't do it lightly.

2. To everyone bitching about the raw footage of screaming injured children and civilians - suck it the hell up. You, as an american citizen, taxpayer, and voter, have a franchise to exercise - it's a sadly diluted one, yes, but YOUR vote in some degree determines whether or not we do things like invade foreign countries. If for no other reason than the fact that your opinion on such things will determine what politicians have to espouse, or profess to espouse, in order to get elected. My personal opinion is that you, as a franchised citizen and voter, have a DUTY AND OBLIGATION to see that shit. Your beliefs and opinions are, ultimately, what the government of this country has to at least kowtow to enough of a degree in order to get you to elect them - and if you can't even stand to see video footage of what happens when a country gets invaded, then, well, maybe it will influence you just a little bit more to demand a little bit better reason to invade another country, the next time. Your nausea is a pretty damn small price to pay compared to the price our soldiers are paying over there, much less their civilians.

3. The absolute shadiest part of that whole movie was the very same storyline that I hear people praising a lot - the Lipscomb storyline. People bitch about stuff like the chasing down senators to ask them to enlist their children to send them to Iraq; but, what the fuck? He had a point, it's a very valid one, and he demonstrated it. He was also careful to say "and who can blame them", and sound like he meant it. I think he did mean it. I don't blame them, I would react pretty fucking poorly to somebody suggesting that I send a friend or relative of mine to the Corps to get 3 months of boot camp to prepare them for going into hostile fire in the most bullshit war this country has ever waged. The Lipscomb story, on the other hand, was a truly bad example of getting too personally involved in the story. He spent WAY too much time with those people, and led them exactly where he wanted them to go. Some people protest "but where do you think they would have gone different if he hadn't 'led' them?" and my answer is "well, I will never know, because they were hurt and vulnerable and utterly without a compass - and he led them where he DID want them to go." For christ's sake, 1 gets you 20 that he gets a christmas card from Lila Lipscomb this year!

4. The Saudi funding of the Bush family private enterprises... good screaming jesus god. I knew there were some kind of ties. But THAT? One point four BILLION invested in various companies that various Bushes were personally tied to? Fuck, forget - for a moment - whether or not the Saudis even HAD anything to do with 9/11... I'm horrified enough simply that the same family that has produced at least two state governors and two presidents of the country is that goddamn tied, in that many places, to a foreign national power. That's... horrible.

5. The idea that the Saudis would trigger 9/11 deliberately in order to reap profits from the boom for United Defense in war contracts - an idea, mind you, that Moore never actually came right out and claimed - is probably a bit far fetched. But, once again, SHOULDN'T we be concerned at having Saudi funding tied up intimately into our defense industry? Shouldn't we be pretty heavily concerned at ANY international interest having a large interest in our defense industry?

Okay, I'm spent. But god I'm glad I saw that movie, and I'm glad Moore made it.
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