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Ketchup for your Freedom Fries

This is fucking unbelievable... "W ketchup". Somebody decided that since Teresa Heinz is personally liberal of viewpoint, clearly they needed to make ... well, Dubya ketchup!

From their "comments from the Left" section:

You're not only tasteless, you a##holes are stupid!

Thank you for your response to our product. We at W Ketchup strive to respond to all comments. In taste-tests, we actually found that, far from being tasteless, W Ketchup tasted better than 5 leading brands. As to our intelligence, we don't claim to be intellectuals, merely businessmen eager to fill the demand for an alternative, apolitical ketchup that reflects an America we can all agree on. That is why the only organization we support is a college fund for the children of our soldiers killed in action, something we can all agree on whether we support the current war or not. We hope you will order and enjoy our product.
Whoa whoa whoa there, sparky... "apolitical"?

"I do not think that word means what you think it means."
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