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Political Armageddon?

I was thinking about our current political situation tonight. The proposed Freedom in Marriage Amendment, aka "make teh gay illegal in teh constitution", was narrowly shot down in Congress today, and was pretty much a straight party vote - six Republicans voted against, three Democrats voted for, and everybody else Toed The Line. We've got Bush and company pushing the FMA for all it's worth, knowing that it's going to do more to alienate swing voters than to solidify their base; and Kerry keeps touching Edwards like he's got a hard-on for him every time a camera's around with much the same results - yeah, the gay-friendly folk love it, but THOSE people were going to vote for him ANYWAY. Meanwhile, legions of mildly homophobic swing voters get antsy and start wondering if Bush is really that bad, and... yeah.

So what the fuck? Is this Politics Armageddon? Will Judgment Day occur soon, and will all the voters for the winning team get caught up in the Rapture while all the voters for the losing team go straight to Hell, and the abstaining slackers get to cool their heels in Purgatory? Doesn't ANYBODY care about courting the fucking moderate vote anymore?

With all the political bungling going on right now, on both sides, it's utterly impossible to feel secure about what's going to happen when the booths open. And the idea of another four years of George W. "to hell with your civil rights, I have an agenda" Bush in office frankly fucking terrifies me. Sigh.
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