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So now I have one of these LiveJournal thingies everyone's talking about...

The question is, what the fuck am I gonna do with it? Beats me. I've been meaning to get one for some time just so that I can post comments on other people's LJ pages without that detestable "anonymous" bit, but... oh hell, who knows.

Fact is, I had family in for the weekend, and I got up drastically early this morning to have one last breakfast with them before they got back on a plane and flew back to Mississippi, and so I just don't quite know what to do with myself right now any more than I do with this LiveJournal bit.

Back to the "what to do with a LiveJournal page" topic - what do I do with a LiveJournal page? I mean, I've already got a webpage, and I'm certainly not afraid of HTML at this point. If anything, being constricted into the "styles" available on an LJ page is more work than doing a fresh page in raw HTML would be.

When something strikes me as interesting enough about my personal life, I have no fear of posting it on my webpage - except, of course, when I do have a good reason not to post it on my webpage for one reason or another, in which case why oh why would I want to post it here? The idea of a "secret journal" that only the s00p3r 31337 pe0p13 know about is, well, not so good... as someone showed us, with much consternation afoot, not so long ago.

::chuckles:: Amusingly enough, I remember having a conversation with her at one point in which I said that nobody who had an online journal truly had it for the purpose of it being a private journal - if you want it private, you'll write it in Word or with pen and paper and keep it private; the very nature of the internet itself is anathema to privacy. She thought I was an arrogant asshole. Maybe I am - but hey, you tell me how much sense it makes to create a Private, No One's Eyes But My Own anything on a network of interconnected networks designed to facilitate high-speed communication with computers all over the world... heh.

If somebody figures out what the hell I should be doing with this thing... lemme know, 'kay?
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