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Anybody who says...

Anybody who says you shouldn't be tired and six different kinds of achey after an hour or so in the batting cages either doesn't know what they're talking about or just isn't really trying to crush 'em like I was today. It feels pretty good though. 144 pitches later, ribs and shoulders aching a bit from the swings, and hands semi-pleasantly chafed from the cheap neoprene grips on the bat, I'm mostly just ready for a) a shower and b) tomorrow morning to get here; Utah's looking mighty good. I can definitely use a week in unfamiliar surroundings; time to unwind, time to relax, time to get my taxes done, and time to get used to looking at my apartment like it's mine again, instead of like it's the place somebody's supposed to be in a week.
Tags: defeat, girl-related, neuroses

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