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So, yesterday totally sucked.

The day started with my usual routine of waking up, yawning blearily, and heading downstairs for a cup of coffee or hot tea - and of course the usual cursory compulsive email / IM away message check... but yesterday morning, all that netted me was the discovery that my server was down. Apparently at some time during the night, the motherboard decided to eat all of its onboard devices, including, among other things, the hard drive controller. Yikes.

This is an earth-shattering enough event for me that I immediatelyspent the next four hours fixing it. So immediately, in fact, that sometime around noon when I finally got the problems all identified, repaired, and verified... I realized I was still absolutely stark-ass naked. Somebody should put a neon sign out over the door - All Nude Server Maintenance! SYSADMINS, SYSADMINS, SYSADMINS!

But before they do that, they should do something to put me in a better mood, 'cause I'm still pretty damn cranky.
Tags: alpha geek, vignette

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