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Finally, after almost two years, a picture of Laura and me together! After racing each other up a minor mountain in 90 degree South Carolina heat to get to the botanical gardens, we aren't exactly looking our best... but I really like it anyway. It's a happy picture.

We got some other pretty cool pics while we were up there, too, even though we got there with only an hour or so before the staff started shooing us out the gate. (Damn late starts and lazy gardeners!)

Surrounded by beauty on all sides, Laura instead chooses to document how repulsive my sweaty hair looks in "macro mode".

caught this little critter gnawing on some leaves. Laura thinks he's a katydid. She's probably right.

"Where's Waldo", for exceptionally reptilian values of "Waldo."

do you have any idea how hard it is to get "macro mode" to focus in on a flower with a bumblebee doing a fucking tap-dance on it?

Laura. Pink flowers. Win/win.

Pink flowers, no Laura - sometimes batting .500 just has to do.

Despite the picture title, this may or may not actually be a morning glory. I like this pic a lot.

Feeding time!

Nifty closeup of a dragonfly. I couldn't resist futzing about with the color balance and such.

A closeup of Laura's hands as she lasciviously fondles an underage flower - she's so going to jail for that.
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